The Red Palm by Paul Chessare.

1929, New York City. World War I has been over for a decade, and the roaring twenties is still in full swing with abundant prosperity, fast cars, grand ocean liners and prohibition.

A strange and portentous dream is the beginning of an even stranger day for Braedon Alba Knowles. A veteran of the fighting in France, now, a clerk in the The New York Chartered Bank and Trust. Summoned by the president and owner of the bank, he’s told a tramp steamer owned by the bank, the Red Palm, has gone missing.

Braedon is charged with finding the ship, and dispatched to London where his search begins. From the start he realizes he’s being followed. Incredibly, he begins receiving help from beings he thought existed only in myth and lore. The search leads Braedon to parts of the world less travelled, unveiling a realm of occult practices and witchcraft. His journey grows more perilous with each step, and his chances of finding the lost ship more tenuous as he follows its wake from port to port.

Braedon finds himself the unwitting accomplice of a most unusual group of friends and allies, and death and danger are his constant companions.